Salve Regina

Hail! holy Queen enthron’d above, O Maria!
Hail! Mother of mercy and of love, O Maria!

Triumph all ye Cherubim,
Sing with us, ye Seraphim,
Heav’n and earth resound the hymn:
Salve, salve, salve Regina!

Our life, our sweetness here below, O Maria!
Our hope in sorrow and in woe, O Maria!

To thee we cry, poor sons of Eve, O Maria!
To thee we sigh, we mourn, we grieve, O Maria!

This earth is but a vale of tears, O Maria!
A place of banishment, of fears, O Maria!

Turn, then, most gracious advocate, O Maria!
Tow’rds us thine eyes compassionate, O Maria!

When this our exile is complete, O Maria!
Show us thy womb-born Jesus sweet, O Maria!

O clement, gracious, Mother sweet, O Maria!
O Virgin Mary, we entreat, O Maria!

J. B. Young, The Roman Hymnal (New York: Fr. Pustet & Co., 1884).

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