Maiden Mother Undefiled

Maiden Mother undefiled,
Deign to take me for thy child;
All my life, oh let it be
My best joy to think of thee:
Virgo Maria!

Teach me, when the sun-beam bright
Calls me with its golden light,
How my waking thoughts may be
Turned to Jesus and to thee:
Virgo Maria!

Teach me also through the day
Oft to raise my heart and say:
“Maiden Mother undefiled,
Guard and guide thy faithful child!”
Virgo Maria!

When my eyes are closed in sleep,
O’er my slumbers vigil keep;
Make my latest thought to be
How to please thy Son and thee:
Virgo Maria!

Thus, sweet Mother, day and night
Do thou guide my steps aright;
Let my dying whisper be:
“Virgin Mother, pray for me!”
Virgo Maria!

John G. Hacker, Catholic Hymnal (New York: Schwartz, Kirwin & Fauss, 1920).

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