O Jesus! God and Man!

O Jesus! God and man! for love
Of children, once a child;
O Jesus! God and man! we hail
Thee, Saviour sweet and mild.
O Jesus! God and man! make us
Poor children dear to Thee;
And lead us to Thyself to love
Thee for eternity.

O Mary! Mother-maid thou art
The Mother of the poor:
Mary, to thee we look to make
Our souls’ salvation sure.
O Mary, Mother dear! thank God
For us for all His love;
And pray that in our faith we all
May true and steadfast prove.

O Jesus! Mary’s Son! on Thee
For grace we children call;
Make us all men to love, but Thee
To love beyond them all.
O Jesus bless us in our work,
And all our sins forgive;
O happy, happy they who in
The church of Jesus live!

The Christian Brothers, The Catholic Youth’s Hymn Book (New York: P. O’Shea, 1871).

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