Dear Sacred Heart

Dear sacred Heart,
Sweet sacred Heart,
Burning and yearning with pity for sinners,
Dear sacred Heart,
Sweet sacred Heart,
Lay Thy pierced hand in its peace on my soul.

Heart of our Saviour, we adore, we implore,
Grace to love Thee more and more.

Heart of our Lord,
Heart most adored,
Tenderly calling the sheep that is weary,
Heart meek and kind,
Light of the blind,
Gather Thy lambs ere they stray from the fold.

Dear sacred Heart,
Pierced with a dart,
Hearts that are cold, that are dark, that are lonely,
Safe on Thy breast,
Soon may they rest;
Bring them in mercy to heavenly peace.

L. J. Kavanagh and James M. McLaughlin, Crown Hymnal (Boston: Ginn and Company, 1912).

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