Hear Thy Children, Gentle Jesus

Hear Thy children, gentle Jesus,
While we breathe our ev’ning pray’r;
Save us from all harm and danger,
Take us ‘neath Thy shelt’ring care.

Save us from the wiles of Satan,
‘Mid the dark and dang’rous night;
Sweetly may our guardian Angels
Keep us ‘neath their watchful sight.

Gentle Jesus, look in pity
From Thy glorious throne above;
All the night Thy heart is wakeful
In Thy Sacrament of love.

Shades of even fast are falling,
Day is fading into gloom;
When the shades of death fall round us,
Lead Thine exiled children home.

Brothers of the Christian Schools, The De La Salle Hymnal (New York: La Salle Bureau, 1913).

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