Splendor Paternae Gloriae

Splendor of the Father’s Glory,
Source of all things fair to sight,
Light of Light, let all adore Thee,
Day in Whom the day is bright.

Truest Sun, upon us brighten
With Thy pure and constant gleam;
Fill our hearts, our spirits lighten,
With Thy Spirit’s cleansing stream.

Christ, be Thou our Bread from Heaven
And our cup, faith’s holy light,
Whence the Spirit, freely given,
Shall with us Himself unite.

So our day, serenely flowing,
Pure will be as morning dawn;
Bright our faith like noontide glowing,
O’er our eye no darkness drawn.

Now all praise and adoration
To the Blessed Trinity;
Praise our God through time’s duration,
Praise Him through eternity. Amen.

Sidney S. Hurlbut, A Treasury of Catholic Song (New York: J. Fischer & Bro., 1915).

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