Humbly I Adore Thee, Hidden Deity

Humbly I adore Thee, hidden Deity
That beneath these signs art here concealed from me;
All my heart submits to Thy most holy sway,
For in musing on Thy love, it faints away.

Taste, and touch, and vision all are here deceived;
But the hearing only may be well believed;
All that Christ has spoken I accept in sooth,
For no word is truer than the word of Truth.

On the cross Thy Godhead only was concealed,
Here not e’en Thy manhood is to sight revealed;
I in both believe, in both profess belief,
Making my petition with the contrite thief.

I have not, like Thomas, seen Thy Wounds appear,
Yet by faith I own that Thou my God art here;
Grant that this my faith may more and more increase,
While my hope in Thee, and love, may never cease.

O Thou blest Memorial of my dying Lord,
Wondrous Bread, that livest and dost life afford,
Let my hungry spirit feed on Thee alone,
And my heart forever but Thy sweetness own.

Pelican most tender, Jesus, Lord and God,
Wash my guilty soul in Thy most sacred Blood,–
In Thy Blood, whereof one single drop could win
Ample pardon for the world with all its sin.

Jesus, Whom but hidden I can now behold,
Grant the gift I long for with desire untold:
In unending bliss to see Thee face to face,
And to share Thy glory through Thy saving grace.

Ludwig Bonvin, “Hosanna” Catholic Hymn Book, 4th ed. (St. Louis: B. Herder, 1914).

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