O Most Holy One

O Sanctissima
Tr. Rev. J. M. Raker

O most holy one,
O most lowly one,
Dearest Virgin Maria!
Mother of fair Love,
Home of the Spirit Dove,
Ora, ora pro nobis!

Help in sadness drear,
Port of gladness near,
Virgin Mother, Maria!
In pity heeding,
Hear thou our pleading,
Ora, ora pro nobis!

Call we fearfully,
Sadly, tearfully,
Save us now O Maria!
Let us not languish,
Heal thou our anguish,
Ora, ora pro nobis!

Mother, Maiden fair,
Look with loving care,
Hear our pray’r, O Maria!
Our sorrow feeling,
Send us thy healing,
Ora, ora pro nobis!

Nicola A. Montani, St. Gregory Hymnal and Catholic Choir Book (Philadelphia: The St. Gregory Guild, 1920).

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