While This Low Earth

While this low earth was filled with sadness,
All heaven was jubilant with gladness,
As broke the joyous Christmas morning long ago;
When Christ was born for our salvation,
The long Desired of every nation,
Who came to save, and heal the world from every woe.

Behold He comes, our Saviour holy,
Our God an Infant, meek and lowly,
Of all creation He the only Lord and King.
Do ye not hear the angels singing
All joy from heaven to earth now bringing?
O faithful Christians, lift your voices too, and sing!

On bended knee let all adore Him;
Our heart’s best love now lay before Him,
As in His Virgin mother’s arms He sweetly lies.
With angels let all join in chorus,
With thousands that have sung before us,
And now are singing songs of rapture in the skies.

With alleluias, Lord, we greet Thee;
With laurel wreaths of victory meet Thee,
And give Thee “Welcome!” at this happy Christmas-tide.
With Thee comes every joy and blessing,
To all Thy Sacred Name professing,
Who in thy Holy Church in faith and love abide. Amen.

Alfred Young, The Catholic Hymnal (New York: The Catholic Publication Society Co., 1888).

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