Mother of Mercy

Mother of Mercy, day by day
My lore of thee grows more and more;
Thy gifts are strown upon my way,
Like sands upon the great sea-shore.

Though poverty and work and woe
The masters of my life may be;
In darkest hours, who does not know
That all is light with love of thee?

Ah, little know they of thy worth
Who would thy love deny to me;
For what did Jesus love on earth
One-half so tenderly as thee?

Oh. gain me grace to love thee more;
Thy Son will give if thou wilt plead:
And, Mother, when life’s cares are o’er.
Oh, I shall love thee then indeed.

My Lord, when his three hours were run,
Bequeath’d thee from the cross to me;
And oh, how can I love thy Son,
Sweet Mother, if I love not thee?

Henry Formby, ed., First Series of Hymns and Songs for the Use of Catholic Schools and Families (London: Burns and Lambert, 1853).

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