Litany of the Childhood of Jesus

By the name which thou didst take,
Suffering early for our sake;
Name ador’d on bended knee,
Name of grace and majesty,—

Child of Mary, hear our cry!
Thou wert little once as we;
Hear the loving Litany
We, thy children, sing to thee.

By the joy of Simeon blest,
When he clasp’d thee to his breast;
By the widow’d Anna’s song,
Pour’d amid the wondering throng,—

By thine angel-bidden flight
Into Egypt in the night;
By thy home at Herod’s death
In despised Nazareth,—

By thy tender mother’s fears,
By her many sighs and tears,
As she sought thee night and day,
Turning back upon her way,—

By her wond’ring love and awe,
In the Temple when she saw
Thee, her child, so young and fair,
Wiser than the wisest there,—

Henry Formby, ed., First Series of Hymns and Songs for the Use of Catholic Schools and Families (London: Burns and Lambert, 1853).

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