O Gift of Gifts

O Gift of gifts! O grace of Faith!
My God, how can it be,
That Thou, Who hast discerning Love,
Shouldst give that gift to me?

How many hearts Thou mightst have had
More innocent than mine:
How many souls more worthy, far,
Of that sweet boon of thine.

Ah Grace! into unlikeliest hearts
It is thy boast to come:
Thy glory of thy light to find
In darkest spots a home.

How can they live, how will they die,
How bear the cross of grief,
Who have not got the light of faith,
The courage of belief?

The crowd of cares, the weightiest cross,
Seem trifles less than light;
Earth looks so little and so low,
When faith shines full and bright.

Thy choice, O God of goodness, then
I lovingly adore;
O give me grace to keep thy grace,
And grace to gain it more. Amen.

Alfred Young, The Catholic Hymnal (New York: The Catholic Publication Society Co., 1888).

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