In This Sacrament, Sweet Jesus

In this Sacrament, sweet Jesus!
Thou didst give Thy Flesh and Blood,
With Thy soul and God-head also,
As our own most precious food.
Yes, dearest Jesus! I believe it,
And Thy presence I adore,
And with all my heart I love Thee,
May I love Thee more and more.

Come, sweet Jesus, in Thy mercy,
Give Thy Flesh and Blood to me,
Come to me, O dearest Jesus!
Come my soul’s true life to be,
Come that I may live forever,
Thou in me and I in Thee;
Living thus, I shall not perish,
But shall live eternally.

Brothers of the Christian Schools, The De La Salle Hymnal (New York: La Salle Bureau, 1913).

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