The Star of Bethlehem

Hail, herald of the Gospel morn,
Fair Star, so strange, so bright!
Shine on, shine on, for Christ is born,
The world’s expected Light.
O, may thy blessed shining be
A sign that Christ has come to me!

Thou shinest in yon azure arch,
Glad news to men to bring;
Thou’lt guide the Wise Men on their march
To worship Juda’s King.
Guide me: the world I’d travel o’er
My Infant Jesus to adore.

To thee, bright Star, by night, by day,
The pilgrims’ eyes oft turn;
Their hearts, as on they tread their way,
Like thee for Jesus burn.
O light of faith, my mind illume;
O flame of love, my heart consume!

O’er hostile lands the Magi roam,
Still trusting to thy light,
And when they reach their Saviour’s home
Thou fadest from their sight.
O, shine on me, blest Star, till I
Am safe with my sweet Lord on high!

E. F. MacGonigle, The Sodalist’s Hymnal (Philadelphia: E. F. MacGonigle, 1887).

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