What Beauteous Sun-Surpassing Star

What beauteous sun-surpassing star,
O’er Bethlehem’s lonely road,
Reveals a rising brighter far,
And shows the cradled God!
The star from Jacob see arise,
By prophets long foretold;
The silent nightly messenger,
The nations East behold.

While thus the star its light imparts,
A ray within doth shine,
Which leads a few but faithful hearts
To seek the glorious sign.
No dangers can their purpose shake;
Love suffers no delay.
Home, kindred, country, they forsake;
God calls, and they obey.

O Jesus, morning star, our hearts
Cleanse with Thy light within,
And suffer not the tempter’s arts
To lure us back to sin.
The Light of Gentile lands adore,
The Dayspring from on high;
Alike the Father evermore,
And Spirit magnify.

Brothers of the Christian Schools, The De La Salle Hymnal (New York: La Salle Bureau, 1913).

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