O Heart of Mary Pure and Fair

O Heart of Mary pure and fair,
There is no stain in thee;
In Adam’s fall thou hast no share,
From sin’s taint thou art free.

O Heart of Mary, pure and fair,
No beauty can with thine compare!
From ev’ry stain of sin thou ‘rt free;
Oh make us pure in heart like thee.

As some fair lily ‘midst the thorns,
Thou ‘mongst Eve’s daughters art;
Celestial purity adorns
Thy chaste and holy heart.

Dear heart, within thy depths so pure,
We’ll dwell and ne’er depart,
Till thou our souls hast linked secure
To Jesus’ Sacred Heart.

And when from thy loved heart we’ll go
To that of thy dear Son,
Oh shall we leave thee then? Ah, no;
His Heart and thine are one.

Brothers of the Christian Schools, The De La Salle Hymnal (New York: La Salle Bureau, 1913).

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