Mary, Star of the Sea

When ev’ning shades are falling
O’er ocean’s silent deep,
To pilgrims’ hearts recalling
Their home which angels keep;
When, rest o’er all descending,
The just pray God the while
That sinners, their ways mending,
May keep from demons’ wile.

Then Mary, Mother Mary,
Thou bright star of the sea,
We’ll pray to thee, our Mother,
We’ll pray, we’ll pray to thee.

The noonday tempest over,
Now ocean toils no more,
While peace and joy now hover
Where all was strife before.
Oh thus may life, in closing
Its short tempestuous day,
Beneath Heav’n’s smile reposing,
Drive all the storms away.

Brothers of the Christian Schools, The De La Salle Hymnal (New York: La Salle Bureau, 1913).

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