Christ the Lord Is Ris’n To-Day

Christ the Lord is ris’n to-day;
Christians haste your vows to pay;
Offer ye your praises meet,
At the paschal Victim’s feet.
For the sheep the Lamb hath bled,
Sinless in the sinner’s stead;
Christ the Lord is ris’n on high,
Now He dies no more to die!

Christ the victim undefiled,
Man to God hath reconciled,
When in strange and awful strife,
Met together death and life.
Christians on this happy day,
Haste with joy your vows to pay;
Christ the Lord is ris’n on high,
Now He Lives no more to die!

Christ who once for sinners bled,
Now the first-born from the dead,
Thron’d in endless might and pow’r,
Lives and reigns for ever more.
Hail, eternal hope on high!
Hail, Thou King of victory!
Hail, Thou Prince of life ador’d!
Help and save us, gracious Lord!

Say, O wond’ring Mary, say,
What thou sawest on the way.
“I beheld where Christ had lain,
Empty tombs and angels twain;
I beheld the glory bright
Of the rising Lord of Light;
Christ my hope is ris’n again:
Now He lives, and lives to reign.”

The Christian Brothers, The Catholic Youth’s Hymn Book (New York: P. O’Shea, 1871).

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