As Fades the Glowing Orb of Day

As fades the glowing orb of day,
To Thee, great source of life we pray;
Blest Three in One, to ev’ry heart,
Thy beams of life and love impart.

O Thou true life of all that live,
Who dost unmoved all motion sway;
Who dost the morn and evening give,
And through its changes guide the day.

At early dawn, at close of day,
To Thee our vows we humbly pay;
May we ‘mid joys that never end,
With Thy bright saints in homage bend.

Thy light upon our evening pour,
So may our souls no sunset see,
But death to us an open door,
To an eternal morning be.

To God the Father and the Son,
And Holy Spirit Three in One,
Be endless glory as before
The world began, and ever more.

The Christian Brothers, The Catholic Youth’s Hymn Book (New York: P. O’Shea, 1871).

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